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Mr. Wan M Faiz Wan M Fablillah


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As a well intervention and integrity engineer, I possess a set of skills in tasks delivery especially in ensuring wells in PETRONAS assets are at their best state of health. As an individual who does thing carefully with marked attentiveness to all aspects and details, I help the company to gain greater values and in achieving international standards of operation.

The foundation of my experience is wells operation. It started with the understanding of company's guidelines and values set inside out. Then, it grows with my passion of spending the time, energy and effort in managing problems that come with or without warning. I always believe that there is always more than one way in solving any type of problems. Being able to focus on my daily routine which mainly about taking care of PETRONAS wells in Block 1, Turkmenistan is a good sign in me. As a logical thinker with ideas about how to correct problems and the overall situation, it does not require me too much time to give the desired response.

Outside of work, you can find me spending lots of time with family, reading articles on Malaysia energy, economy, and education. I am myself a writer who's currently conducting research on human psychologies for the book. Most of my book's collections are about philosophies of life, knowledge and future.

When I do things, I always make sure they are purposeful. The results from any personality tests I take always indicate that I am self-controlled and perfectionist.