Technical Communities

We organize our activities into eight primary disciplines, offering news and programs tailored to each area. Many of our members may have interests in more than one area.

Technical Sections

A Technical Section is a group of SPE members worldwide who share a common interest in a specific technical topic. Members within these groups collaborate, exchange ideas, and work on projects related to their technical area of focus.

Non-Technical Communities

Our Non-Technical Communities offer resources and knowledge to help you at every stage of your career, whether you want to share your expertise, learn from others, or build your professional network..

Geographical & Technical Section Events

Our Geographical and Technical Section events allow members to gain technical knowledge and network with members locally and globally. Expand your knowledge base, build relationships, and drive innovation in your field with like-minded professionals.

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    Our members in Norfolk, plan for the future with SPE! Are you ready for 2024? SPE is excited to continue providing members like you with innovative solutions, insights, and support needed both now and ...

  • Exciting news has arrived for the Great Yarmouth SPE Section - the decision to relocate our operating base from Great Yarmouth to Norwich is set in motion. This strategic move holds immense significance ...

  •  04-01-2024  |  09:00 AM - 10:00 PM WAT

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