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  • SPE DISTINGUISHED LECTURERS: LINER DRILLING – A Simple Solution to Complex Drilling Challenges

    Friday, February 19, 2021, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
    Abstract: Liner drilling has steadily evolved as an accepted means for mitigating drilling hazards. When encountering well hazards in harsh drilling environments, conventional mitigation techniques can be insufficient, and liner drilling systems are a relatively simple and highly effective solution compared to other drilling hazard mitigation techniques. The liner is the bottom hole assembly (BHA) and is conveyed by drill pipe, much like a conventional BHA. Liner drilling requires virtually no rig modifications for deployment, which makes it an attractive means for immediate and efficient mitigation of hole issues. This relative simplicity, coupled with the fact that liner drilling can isolate drilling hazards like lost circulation and related wellbore instability in a single hole section, make this technology a key mitigation tool in the driller's toolbox. The case histories presented in this lecture will demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach. This lecture will show the level of complexity that directional liner drilling systems have over non-retrievable liner drilling systems. It will also demonstrate the versatility of liner drilling systems because they allow integration with other emerging technologies, such as managed pressure drilling and continuous circulation systems for more effective management of narrow pressure window scenarios. Deploying liner drilling systems with circulating and cementing systems operated by radio frequency identification (RFID) can optimize hole cleaning and eliminate mechanical intervention during cementing operations. This talk presents an overview of liner drilling applications, including the equipment and engineering required, and illustrates instances where the application of liner drilling was the only viable option to save the well. Biography: Steven Rosenberg is an independent consultant previously serving as Global Business Director - Integrated Solutions for Weatherford’s Global Sales team. He has more than 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, which includes 20 years of operator and rig contractor drilling engineering positions. Regarded as a subject matter expert in casing and liner drilling applications, he has authored numerous papers and articles on these topics. In addition, he holds three patents. Mr. Rosenberg earned BS degrees in Petroleum Engineering from Mississippi State University and Biology from St. Lawrence University. #DrillingandCompletions #drillingengineering

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  • Ramadhan for All - Sharing Rizq with Malaysians

    Monday, April 26 - Friday, May 7, 2021
    The COVID19 pandemic have kept us away from our loved ones due to the strict MCO. Last year, we celebrated many of our festivities in isolation and without our extended families. COVID19 affected everyone regardless of their race, religious or age. Among those badly affected are the elderly and underprivileged school children. With this in mind, SPE KL is initiating a donation drive in conjunction with Ramadhan, to help spread the joy to selected old folk homes and school children in need of help. The beneficiaries for this fund are Rumah Jagaan dan Rawatan Orang Tua al-Ikhlas, Pusat Jagaan Warga Tua Cahaya and SK Wangsa Melawati. More will be added to the list soon. Join us in our effort through our donation drive or by spreading words, and make this Ramadhan and Eid a reason to celebrate, for all. Appreciate your contribution to be channelled to the following bank account : CIMB 8001038347 Persatuan Jurutera Petroliam reference : Ramadhan donation. Thank you

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  • SPE KL MiT Technical Talk Series

    Wednesday, June 30 - Wednesday, September 8, 2021
    SPE Kuala Lumpur is organizing 10 weekly technical talk in support of Members-in-Transition (MiT) program. Volunteer speakers will provide free refresher talks on various technical topics in any one of the SPE technical disciplines in line with the spirit of continuous learning for our members in transition and our fresh graduates. Each talk will be followed by fun Kahoot quiz and Q&A with exciting prizes to be won.  More information on how to join will be posted every Thursday and Monday in SPE Kuala Lumpur LinkedIn and other social media page.  1. 30th June 2021 - Sampling While Drilling - Past, Present, Future (Nikhil Hardikar) 2. 7th July 2021- Artificial Lift Methods & Its Importance in Production Engineering (Fatemah Mehran) 3. 14th July - Hybrid Physics-based Data-driven Methods… the Future for Petroleum Engineering? (Babak Moradi) 4. 28th July - Subsurface Impact on Oil & Gas Project Economics (Raffik Lazar) 5. 4th August - Malaysia Asset Development and Management (Izwan Shahmin) 6. 11th August - Digital Framework of Oil & Gas Industry (Sujit Kumar) 7. 18th August - Machine Learning Reimagined Reservoir Characterization - Example from Field Case Studies (Balaji Chennakrishnan) 8. 25th August - A Walkthrough of Malaysian PSCs (Amy Yusnita Yusuf) 9. 1st Sept - Gaslift 101 & 201 (Sarran Raaj) 10. 8th Sept - Deepwater Drilling (Harni Farihah Lai) https://www.linkedin.com/company/speklsection/