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SPE KL and SPE Student Chapter Energy4Me 2019

By Rosmawati Abdul Rahman posted 12-16-2019 08:57 AM


This year in 2019, SPE KL has successfully organized two separate Energy4Me drive events in two separate schools in Klang Valley. The team of SPE KL was supported by SPE student chapters in Malaysia, namely Universiti Malaya, UCSI, Herriot-Watts University, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and UiTM. In total, almost 35 SPE KL officers and SPE student chapters volunteers took part in the activity.


The program main objectives are:


  1. To cultivate leadership skills, language and critical thinking skills in primary school students.
  2. To provide an insight on oil and gas in a brief way to primary school students.
  3. To provide facilitating skills to crews.
  4. To spur collaborate among SPE student chapters from HWUM, SPE UiTM and SPE UTM to inculcate social responsibility among future generation of Oil and Gas professionals
  5. To inculcate basic understanding if Oil and Gas industry in general among pupil and teachers.
  6. To create awareness of the importance of STEM in Energy Industry.
  7. To create awareness among pupil, the environmental responsibility of the industry.
  8. To provide basic awareness of Engineering career in Oil and Gas industry to primary school students.


 The first Energy4me drive was held on 08 October 2019 from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm in Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Petaling, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.  A total of about 130 year 6 students and 4 school teachers from the school took part in the activity. Also present were Head Mistress, Pn. Hajjah Noriah binti Mohamad and PIBG representative Pn. Sri Devi Ravana.


The second Energy4me drive was held on 23 October 2019 from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm in Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. A total of about 180 year 6 students and 5 school teachers took part in the drive. Also present were Headmaster, Tuan Haji En Zainuddin Abdul Halim and PIBG YDP Mr. Salehuddin Hamid.

The event started with a brief speech from Guru Besar followed by a representative from the school PiBG and finally from SPE KL. SPE KL were represented by Mr. Lokman Hakimi and Mr. Anwarudin, the Vice President of SPE KL.

During the event in SKBJ, a special signing ceremony was held in which Mr. Anwarudin presented a LCD projector to the Headmaster, Tuan Haji En Zainuddin bin Abdul Halim. In return the school is committed to embed  “Oil and Gas” related knowledge in their Science syllabus.


During the events, students were assigned to their respective group with 10 students per group.  A facilitator from SPE Student Chapter was assigned to guide and oversee very group. Students are then asked to run 4 different experiments related to STEMS. In this drive 4 specific experiments have been selected namely Sedimentation process, Cartesian Divers, Give it a Lift and Fish Fossil and Fuel. Each experiment demonstrates the importance of STEMS specifically knowledge related to the oil and gas.


On each day 2 industrial speakers are invited to share their knowledge and experience with the students. The invited speakers are Mr. Amir Aiman a Reservoir Engineer from Rock Flow Dynamic Sdn. Bhd., Mr. Azam Bakhtiar from EnQuest and Mr. Faizall Nasir from PETRONAS. 


At the end of the event, group photos were taken and then students were given a packed lunch.


Overall, it was an exciting and fruitful experience for the students, SPE KL officers and SPE Student Chapter volunteers. We look forward to have more comprehensive and exciting Energy4Me activities in the future.


As a way forward for future programs, SPE KL is planning to have the Energy4Me program and adopt schools that can sustain the teaching of energy education to pupil whereby KLSSPE together with SC's provide content to every school that participate in Energy4Me programs.